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About Vector Arms

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Vector Arms is a small, local production company specializing in boutique arms production, precision arms improvement and development of precision arms products.

Our ultimate goal is to become the premier precision arms manufacturer in the United States.

We take pride in every build leaving our factory and as such all of our builds include a five year factory warranty which covers manufacturer defects.

However, it does not cover damage caused by alterations, lack of maintenance, neglect, abuse, excessive use, normal wear and tear, reloaded or defective ammunition or any other situation beyond our control.

In the rare event that you require warranty work, we provide excellent customer service and will do our best to resolve any issues to your satisfaction.

Vector Arms Product & Dealer Info

Please visit our Instagram page to see some of my current firearm builds, videos and more.

Coming Soon:

Uzi’s back in town…. We’re working on some Limited production Uzi’s; full size, mini’s and maybe just maybe a few micros (if you ask nicely). Production of HK variants will be on a limited basis. We are working on some new special projects which are consuming a great deal of our time and resources.

Important break-in and ammuntion information:
Due to very tight build tolerances, we suggest a break-in period of at LEAST 300 rounds.
During this break-in period, there may be occasional feed and ejection issues.

We recommend factory new 'total' or 'full' metal jacket ammunition for proper function.
Use of truncated tip, hollow-point, and reloaded ammunition is not recommended and may void the factory warranty.

Rifle on Hill

Special Requests

Feel free to make special firearms requests. If we have the time and tools we can make your dream build a reality.

We carry a great deal of HK and UZI inventory everything from pins and springs to bolt carrier groups.

Some Receivers may also be available for your DIY build.